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Space Heroes Universe - Cartoons

Rumble In The Jungle with the second episode of the Space Heroes Universe cartoons

Sydney, Australia – 20th August 2013 – Fans of the multi award-winning kid’s virtual world Space Heroes Universe! are firing up their Starjets and soaring off for fun with the release of the second episode of this animated short form series. Episode 2, entitled “Rumble in the Jungle!” sees the intrepid Space Heroes face their biggest challenge … Continue Reading


Jetpack Jinx for Tango soars onto Google Play

Swoooooooosh! What was that? It was our mobile game Jetpack Jinx for Tango, that’s just soared onto Google Play! The fast, fun and zany game has been jam packed full of epic new updates and has been integrated with Tango. Players can now challenge their friends to see who is the greatest Jetpack Jinx superstar. … Continue Reading

Space Heroes Universe | merchandise and retail | game cards in ASDA

Space Heroes Universe game cards launch in ASDA stores across the UK


Exciting news for our Space Heroes Universe fans in the UK! We’ve just launched game cards in ASDA stores across the country. Much more than a virtual world, Space Heroes Universe lets kids create their own Space Hero and embark on an epic story-driven intergalactic adventure. Along the way, players can personalise their hero, adopt … Continue Reading

Bubble Gum Interactive Startups R And D

Bubble Gum Interactive featured in AusIndustry R&D Showcase


As a developer of games across multiple platforms and technologies, the team at Bubble Gum Interactive invest a great deal of time and resources into research and development. This has led to the development of award-winning games with global audiences such as the Space Heroes Universe virtual world and the mobile games Jetpack Jinx and … Continue Reading


Epic fun at the Galactic Sports Party in Space Heroes Universe!


On your marks, get set, GO! Our Space Heroes Universe fans can run, skip and leap into the fun of the latest party in game! The Galactic Sports party promises fun, action, adventure, and WINNING! Whether you’re a Mighty Zoomer, talented Space Kitten, rockin’ Moon Dog or impressive Aquanauts, there’s sure to be an activity … Continue Reading


Jetpack Jinx in the news!


On Thursday 6th June, Bubble Gum Interactive’s first app for mobile was launched in partnership with Tango, an all-in-one messaging platform with over 120 million users worldwide. Jetpack Jinx for Tango is the first game for the Tango platform and news of the launch was covered in a range of news sites and publications. Here’s … Continue Reading

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