Katy Cupcake - Cake Bake Blitz Mobile Game   GENERAL QUESTIONS

How do I play Cake Bake Blitz?

Play Cake Bake Blitz FREE on Apple iOS or Google Android.

Playing is really easy! All you have to do is match 3 lines of the same type of cake, either horizontally or vertically. You can create special cakes by making combinations of 4 or 5, or creating special shapes out of cakes such as an L-Shape or a T-Shape.

A tutorial on level 1 will guide you through the basics of the game. Have fun!

What are the game styles?

There are many different styles of game in Cake Bake Blitz. Every level is unique and you’ll get to enjoy different styles of play on your baking journey:

  • Target Score: In this style of play, you’ll need to achieve a set target score with a limited number of moves.
  • Break the icing: Baking wonderous cakes needs lots of icing, so on these levels you’ll need to match cakes on top of frosted icing. Break all the icing within the limited number of moves to pass the level.
  • Shoo away those mice: Naughty mice have run amok in the kitchen! These pesky kritters love to gobble up special power cakes. Shoo them away by matching combinations next to the mice.
  • Free the butterflies: Attracted by the sugary sweetness, butterflies have flown into the kitchen! Match combinations near butterflies before they get too hot to help set them free!
  • Collect the ingredients: Help Katy gather all the ingredients for her baking challenges by bringing all ingredients down to the bottom. You’ll need to collect them all to pass the level.

There are many more fun and unique styles of play coming in future updates!

What’s at the Cake Shop?

The shop provides many special items including boosts, power-ups and magic charms to help you on your baking adventure!

You may purchase items at the shop using In-App purchases.


When will the next update be?

Cake Bake Blitz gets regular updates. When these happen, you’ll see a notification on your mobile phone or tablet.
We also share news about Cake Bake Blitz via our

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Cake Bake Blitz

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CakeBakeBlitz


Who can I contact for help?

You can read through our FAQ, contact us through our webform, or email us at help@cakebakeblitz.com  please give us as much information as you can, letting us know what’s happening and what kind of device/phone you’re using


I have an idea for a new game. What can I do?

We love hearing from our fans! Send us through your awesome ideas to help@cakebakeblitz.com  or through our webform.


I’m on a level which is impossible! Any advice?

Practice makes perfect! Try different strategies or why not buy a power up or special charm to help you through? Let your friends know or post on our Facebook and Twitter to get help from other Blitzers!




Does Cake Bake Blitz have access to my contact information?

No we don’t, we don’t keep any of your information.



Can I stop in-app purchases?

Yes, but it depends on your phone. There are features in Android and iOS to help stop in-app purchases. Check your phone settings as each phone is a little different.


PLATFORM QUESTIONSBig Tony Tiramisu - Cake Bake Blitz


What devices are supported?[P1]

For Apple, Cake Bake Blitz supports iOS version 4.3 or later on the following models:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2 or later
  • iPad Mini

For Android, Cake Bake Blitz will run on devices which fill the following criteria:

  • Run on Android OS 2.2 or higher
  • Support a 320×480 resolution or higher


Can I play Cake Bake Blitz on my PC, Mac, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Google+ or Facebook?

At the moment, Cake Bake Blitz can be played on Android and iOS platforms. We might make it available in the future on additional gaming platforms.


How do I update Cake Bake Blitz on my phone?

Turn on automatic updates in your phone settings, or visit Cake Bake Blitz in either Google Play or iTunes, and if you’re running an older version click on ‘update’ – it’s free!


Cake Bake Blitz does not work on my Android or iPhone. What can I do?

Cake Bake Blitz may not work on some devices. Most likely, it’s because the device does not have any enough memory or can’t process the graphics. If it’s a device issue, we unfortunately can’t fix it straight away – but let us know and we’ll get our tech whizzes on it for future updates.


In the mean time you could try:

-          Having as much free space on your phone as possible

-          Not multitasking/running lots of programs at once

-          Updating your phone to the latest Android/iOS version

-          Having a WiFi connection when updating Cake Bake Blitz

-          Restarting your phone

-          Making sure you’re not on low battery


Dame PavlovaI’m having issues downloading, what can I do? (Google)

Please check Google Play’s help article, located here http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1067233


I’m having issues downloading, what can I do? (iOS)

Please check out Apple’s help article, located here http://www.apple.com/support/ios/other/



I can download the game but it doesn’t install. What can I do?

Make sure there’s enough space to play the game on your phone memory. Make sure you have a strong wireless connection when downloading the game. Ideally, use WiFi while downloading and installing.


Check that your SD card is not mounted via USB, because the game can’t be installed that way. Try installing directly to your phone’s memory.


I installed the game on my iPad/Android Tablet, can I play it?

The game will play on some tablets but Cake Bake Blitz is designed for Android phones and iPhones, so the game will look best on these devices. However, you can still play Cake Bake Blitz on Android and iOS devices!


My game keeps crashing/frozen/won’t load. How do I fix this?

Try turning your phone on and off. If you have an iPhone, reboot your device by holding down the sleep/wake and home button for about 10 seconds.


GooglePlay says I’m using the wrong email. What can I do?

This can sometimes happen if you’re signed in with a different account on play.google.com and a different one on your device. Check Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync and double check that they’re the same email.

You can read more detailed instructions at the Google Play store here: http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1141080



Do I need a Tango account to play Cake Bake Blitz for Tango?

No, you can play Cake Bake Blitz without a Tango account but the game is much more fun with Tango. When you connect with Tango, you can play with all your Tango friends and compete to see who is the ultimate Cake Bake Blitz Ultimate Baker!

To connect with Tango, simply press the T: Connect button on the Cake Bake Blitz home screen and log in wth your existing Tango account, or create a new Tango account for free.


How do I invite my Tango friends?

To invite your Tango friends, simply click on the FRIENDS button and then click on INVITE FRIENDS!

Choose which friends you wish to invite and click in the tick box; then click send invites.


How do I play with my Tango friends?

Once you have connected to Tango, you may invite your friends to play against each other.

As you play Cake Bake Blitz, your scores and progress will be recorded. You’ll see markers on the map as you pass by your friends’ high scores.

You may also check out the Weekly Bake Offs Leaderboard and can celebrate your baking victories!

Remember, the more friends that play Cake Bake Blitz, the more fun you’ll have!

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Can I transfer my game progress between devices?

This depends. For iOS devices, you may be able to transfer between iOS devices using the same Tango ID.

For Google devices, your Tango account can only be used on one device at a time. Therefore, you will not be able to transfer your game progress to another device.


If I connect to Tango, will you post updates to my wall or spam my friends?

No. Cake Bake Blitz will only post a message on your behalf when you invite a friend if you choose.

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