Jetpack Jinx continues to receive great reviews from the gaming industry with 148 Apps posting their full review of the game this weekend.

One of the original iOS game review sites, 148Apps has been sharing reviews since July 2008. In the 148Apps review of Jetpack Jinx for iOS, the game’s free-to-play nature is priased along with the effort our amazing artists put into the visual look and feel and the fluid and fun gameplay our developers built.

“This freemium tilt and jump game is crazy fun, and fans of the genre will have a hard time putting it down for long.”

The review wraps up with this comment – a familiar theme we’re hearing in game reviews of Jetpack Jinx – that it’s the type of game people find themselves saying “just one more time…”

“Overall, Jetpack Jinx is an easily recommendable game. It has all the right elements for a solid title, it’s addicting, and it is often quite challenging… I’m still having a hard time putting it down as I type this review.”

Check out the full review of Jetpack Jinx for iOS by 148Apps.

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