We’re over the moon with the score awarded to Jetpack Jinx by leading Android News and Reviews site AndroidTapp.com.

“Try this totally addictive tilt & jump game!”

The Android Tapp team like the simplicity of play – mixed with the increasing challenge as the player progresses through the game. They also rated our artwork highly and the fun, addictive nature and the visual stlye.

“The game is lots of fun and simple to play. You have to coordinate the use of your accelerometer with the location of various coins, jewels and more to keep going up. It feels desperately unlucky to miss a boost and suddenly start falling, but it makes the game very casual and easy to get into.”

Android Tapp shares a bunch of screenshots from their playing, and wraps up giving the game a score of 4.2 out of 5, placing it amongst the higher end of games they’ve reviewed.

“The game is free so, if you’re a fan of games like Hyper Jump, this will be something you really want to try out. It packs in some nice graphics, immediately familiar gameplay and excellent sound effects.”

Read the full review of Jetpack Jinx on Androidtapp.com


Jetpack Jinx Mobile Game



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