Announcing Little Space Heroes, a new Virtual World for Kids

Bubble Gum Interactive is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Little Space Heroes, a Virtual Universe in which kids explore a galaxy full of fun and adventure.

Many space aeons ago, the Heroes’ galaxy saw the arrival of the space pirate Lord Shadowbot. Cursed with a fear of the dark, the dastardly villain was obsessed with stealing any and all sources of light! One fateful day, the space pirate put his wicked plan into motion, stealing away the Glows, a curious light emitting creature with amazing powers.

Players join the Space Hero Academy where they learn to use their Jet Pack, Bubble Blaster and Starjet and become fully-fledged Space Heroes. Players may personalise their own character, adopt a virtual pet Glow, team up with buddies and undertake daring quests and missions. With immersive story arcs and a vast galaxy to explore, players will embark on incredible adventures as they search for Lord Shadowbot.

From today, kids may create their own hero at and undertake Hero Training. Through playing fun mini-games, kids will learn to master their Jet Packs, Bubble Blasters and Starjets and delve into the story.

Kids will be invited to take part in our beta in the coming months prior to the full launch of the game in the second half of 2011.

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