Bubble Gum Interactive is excited to announce the launch of our latest game, published by Nickelodeon!

Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders: Downhill Grind is now available for iOS, Google Play and Amazon devices. Wild Grinders is an endless downhill skate game based on Rob Dyrdek’s popular cartoon series!

Players can ride as Lil Rob and the gang and skate as fast as they can. Tricks include the grind, ollie, kickflip and which players can do as they shred their way through awesome levels to escape the pursuing Security Guards!

Players can collect awesome boosts and power-ups to supercharge their runs with gnarly combos to maximise multiplier points and loot! Players can unlock new levels, boards and characters based on the show, including Lil Rob’s Rocket pack and Goggle’s Hover board!

Happy grinding!



WildGrinders-Press-Screen-Shots-1-650x372 (1) WildGrinders-Press-Screen-Shots-5-650x372 WildGrinders-Press-Screen-Shots-4-650x372 WildGrinders-Press-Screen-Shots-3-650x372

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