How time flies when you’re having fun! On a blistering hot summer day last year a group of eager and excited friends stepped into an empty office to get started on the development of Little Space Heroes. Despite having no furniture, no computers… and er… no internet connection we managed to get started on our first day and begin a journey that has been truly out of this world.

It was 10th January 2010 and as we stepped in to the hot and echoey office I’m sure each of us wondered just what on earth we were doing. We’d all quit full-time regular jobs to take a chance to pursue a dream – to create an incredible new virtual universe for kids and families worldwide. We had ideas, we had concepts, we had a clunky prototpye but there is a big gap between that and a fully functional game!

Today marks one year since we started and what a crazy adventure it’s been! We were able to cap off 2011 by globally launching Little Space Heroes and we’re pleased to say we now have tens of thousands of kids from over 100 countries playing the game. In addition we’ve secured glowing reviews from game journalists, parenting sites and parent bloggers. We’ve validated our efforts to make sure that the game is not only fun but also safe and inclusive – in 2011 we secured an E for Everyone ESRB rating and a PEGI-OK rating. We also received a Family Friendly Video Games Seal of Approval which is nice and shiny and golden…

From those first days of just a handful of people sitting on the floor and working on our own laptops with dodgy 3G wireless internet we’ve grown to a studio with a team of 20 people – game designers and developers, programmers and artists, business-folk and a team of community moderators. Oh, and we have proper internet now!

Here’s what some of our founding team have to say as we celebrate our birthday and journey to date and we look forward to an incredible year ahead:


“The journey has been a really interesting one, and I guess one of the most inspirational things for me (apart from all the great feedback from kids and parents) has been building and mentoring our awesome team… we’ve got a great company culture and a world class team… and it’s the collaboration and positive attitude from everyone that’s really made this happen… I’m super proud of our collective achievements and we’ve really hit all our milestones to create an amazing virtual universe experience… go team!” Phil Mason, Executive Producer and Technology Director

“The most challenging for me obviously was formulating the admin side of the business from transfer pricing to share issue and capital raising. The most interesting part has been working with so many talented people from artists to biz dev and marketing, tech developers and our moderators. Personally, the most fun thing for me was the focus groups and game testing we ran in Tassie – mixing with kids and parents at the grass roots level was fantastic” Leigh Harrison, CEO

“The most rewarding for me has been the whole development experience – from brainstorming together with a whiteboard, planning through ideas, frantically working away like mad and then seeing kids have fun as they play.”  - Martina Kainberger, Server Side Development Lead

“What excites me most is hearing kids talk about Little Space Heroes – in person, in-game and via messages to our team, kids are telling us just how much fun they’re having in creating their hero and exploring the galaxy with new friends. Its’ very inspiring to know that kids are enjoying the game and we love to hear their ideas. I love seeing the creativity of our fans and am currently enjoying seeing all fan sites and pages that are springing up online!” - Paul Alex Gray, Director of Community

“After a marathon year I’m looking forward to finally locking down the framework! More importantly I want to introduce even more fun interactive multiplayer games into the virtual universe for the kids to enjoy!” – Anthony Tambrin, Client Side Development Lead

Here’s to another fantastic year in 2012!


Bubble Gum Interactive Team Day 1First day in the empty office – casual dress code always applies here!

Bubble Gum Team hard at work

Another busy day developing, designing, moderating and working!

Bubble Gum Moderators with our Wall Graphics

Members of the moderator team with Little Space Heroes wall graphics


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