Bubble Gum Interactive dishing up a preview of our upcoming game Cake Bake Blitz! This supremely scrumptious puzzler for gamers of all ages is in the final stages of development ahead of a Q3 launch.

In Cake Bake Blitz, players will step into the kitchen as Katy Cupcake, an ambitious young chef with a smile on her face and great dreams in her heart. Katy sets forth on a delightful journey around the world to save her Grandpa’s bakery as she competes against some of the most famous pastry chefs in the world to earn some badly needed money and rebuild the bakery’s reputation.  On her travels she bakes off against the likes of Magnifico from Brazil, Dame Pavlova from Australia and Big Tony Tiramisu in New York on journey that ends in Paris, against Master Chef Monsieur Marcel!

Gameplay is based on the perennially popular match three genre with some tantalising twists. There will be a set of special power moves that Katy can use to help give her the edge including tasty power ups and bonus goodies. The icing on the cake is a time-rewind feature that allows players to turn back the clock if they realise they’ve missed a magical move.

Launching on iOS and Android, Cake Bake Blitz is the second mobile game from Bubble Gum Interactive, following the popular Jetpack Jinx. Stay tuned for more news and get ready for bakin’ time with Katy Cupcake!


Katy Cupcake - Cake Bake Blitz Mobile Game

Katy Cupcake

Big Tony Tiramisu - Cake Bake Blitz

Big Tony Tiramisu

Dame Pavlova

Dame Pavlova

Magnifico - Cake Bake Blitz




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