The team at Bubble Gum Interactive have been working intensely on creating Little Space Heroes and we’ve received lots of interest from press, bloggers, journalists, pundits and observers. We’re now pleased to have been invited to take part in some high profile events within the Australian startup and games scene.

See information below and links to the websites for more information or for details on attending:

TechConnect 2012

TechConnect is an event to inspire technology entrepreneurs to succeed! It will explore how you become world class and manage the challenges and opportunities involved in becoming one of Australia’s big success stories.

Paul Gray, CMO will be speaking at this event regarding how Bubble Gum Interactive began their intergalactic adventures. With a focus on balancing business planning and operations with capital raising, Paul will be sharing some interesting anecdotes, the roller-coaster of emotions as well as tips and strategies for other startups to go about raising cash.

More information on TechConnect2012 is available here:

Tech Connect logo - Bubble Gum Interactive

Game-Tech 2012

Gametech is a landmark event uniting the various business groups that form the larger interactive gaming industry. Across 2 days, publishers, developers, distributors, government, and digital marketing and media specialists, will gather to gain forward insight on this cutting-edge sector.

Phil Mason and Paul Gray will be giving a presentation entitled “Little Big Online Virtual World“. In our presentation we’ll talk about:

  • Establishing a solid position in the entertainment and virtual world space
  • Reviewing the common challenges and pitfalls in building virtual worlds
  • Sourcing and winning capital
  • Growing, nurturing and engaging a global user base

Game-Tech takes place on 19th-20th June 2012. Phil and Paul will be speaking on Wednesday 20th June at 11 am.

More information is available here:



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