The team at Bubble Gum Interactive teamed up with other creative experts at this year’s Vivid Sydney’s “Making Of” series. Jasmine Elias, Community Manager, Casper Smith, Lead Developer and Paul Gray, Chief Marketing Officer , led a talk on the creation of JetPack Jinx covering all subjects from concepts and ideas, coding and development, graphics, the production process through to launch and ongoing social media, marketing and monetisation.

The Ideas Exchange began last year, when Bubble Gum had their first taste of Vivid, encouraging business insiders and industry leads to network and mingle in a space designed to inspire and motivate. This year’s Bubble Gum talk centred on the making of their award-winning iOS and Android App, JetPack Jinx. A large audience drawn from the Australian games and creative industries attended the event held on 30th May.

Art and Development were one of the topics touched on in the presentation.

It was an incredibly well-received presentation and following Question & Answer session delighted the audience who were able to play the latest version of JetPack Jinx projected onto a big screen, testing their coordination skills. Conversations included coding, development, target audience enthusiasm, and the building of similar games and structures.

Bubble Gum Interactive regularly shares insights into how it creates compelling world-class games and interactive experiences and looks forward to sharing more news about the ongoing success and adventures of our favourite alien, Jetpack Jinx!

Audience members interacting by playing JetPack Jinx and watching the game projected on the large screen.

Jasmine Elias

Casper Smith

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