Bubble Gum Interactive CEO Phil Mason along with CFO and head of New Business Development Leigh Harrison have jet-setted their way to Hong Kong, to attend the 2013 Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair. Do let us know if you’d like to meet up and learn more about our intergalactic-sized goals for Space Heroes Universe in 2013!

The Space Heroes Universe virtual world is experiencing rapid global growth having passed the one million player milestone in late 2012 and accelerating with multi-territory TV and online marketing campaigns underway across the globe it’s a perfect time to kick off conversations regarding the development of Space Heroes Universe brand. In addition to being one of the most awarded family-friendly virtual worlds for kids ever, Space Heroes Universe is also centered around a story with universal themes and recognisable and appealing characters. With an entire universe to explore and dastardly villains including Lord Shadowbot and his long suffering crew of minions to the awesomely intrepid heroes Ace, Kira, Professor Q and their friends, the game and the story franchise provide a vast canvas for creative storytelling.

This passion for storytelling is shown in the first Space Heroes Universe cartoon, a 6 minute toon episode that’s available free to stream or download. The toon tells more of the story and has been well received by our fans around the world with close to 50,000 views and downloads in just a few weeks.


2013 looks set to be an epic year for the Space Heroes Universe brand. Ready for adventure? Let’s go!


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