As active participants in the Australian startup and early -stage business environment, Bubble Gum Interactive is pleased to be taking part in Google Sudo – a “Google Start-Up Do”.

In May Google launched their first Google Sudo event – a Google Start-Up Do – on the topic of incubation and venture capital. Over 200 aspiring entrepreneurs attended the event, and even more joined online in Google’s Hangout (watch the recording here), for an engaging panel discussion with Mike Fox & Mike Knapp from start-up Shoes of Prey, angel investor Vivian Stewart from Sydney Angels, and VC Bill Bartee, from Southern Cross Venture Partners.

This month the event is back with a new panel and a new topic! On Tuesday, July 31, in Sydney a panel of speakers will be discussing how to drive user adoption. The panel will share learnings as to how these experienced entrepreneurs took their products from a few users to hundreds and thousands, and how you too can scale your internet business.

The panelists:

For more information and tickets please visit the official Google Australia Blog.

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