Bubble Gum Interactive CEO Phil Mason shares his insights into the studio’s storytelling approach to games as it prepares for its second mobile title, Cake Bake Blitz.

It’s an exciting time for Bubble Gum Interactive as we prepare to launch our upcoming game, Cake Bake Blitz. This delicious new puzzler for iOS and Google mobile devices is almost ready with our incredible team of designers, developers and artists putting the finishing touches in right now.

In Cake Bake Blitz, players take on the role of Katy Cupcake, an ambitious young chef who sets off on an adventure around the world. On her journey, she faces off with some of the most famous pastry chefs in grand cities such as New York, Rio Di Janeiro, Tokyo and London. In each location, Katy will find new surprises in her quest and will have to put her skills to the test against rivals such as Big Tony Tiramisu, Dame Pavlova and the greatest chef of all, Marcel Meringue.

At its core, Cake Bake Blitz is a puzzle game based on the perennially popular match 3 engine. We’ve introduced a number of fun twists including boss battles and special game modes where hungry mice intrude onto the baking table or Katy has to work her magic before kitchen hot plates heat up the situation! Players can enjoy whisking up a mix of fun including time challenges, limited moves and magically mind boggling levels.

Each location that Katy travels to is unique – from the big bold lights of New York City to the tropical party scene of Rio. Stages differ in visual appearance with colours and style reflecting the tone and different music adding a touch of tasty local flavour. And of course, the grand chefs that Katy faces each bring their own style to the game with fun and comedic animations and cheeky one-liners as they battle with the player for cake baking supremacy!

Why do we invest so much in story? Primarily, it’s because we love storytelling. A game is much more enjoyable when players can immerse themselves in a deep and engaging experience. Our unique story sets us apart in a crowded games market. Our love of storytelling extends beyond one single platform, as is evidenced by our multi-award winning story franchise Space Heroes Universe that consists of an online social game, mobile game and animated cartoons. We’re excited by the opportunity to take Katy Cupcake from the game to other platforms as well – we think her adventures would be perfect for a movie!

For now, our passionate team of creators is working away in the kitchen… er, I mean in the studio to get Cake Bake Blitz ready for the world. We’re really looking forward to serving it to the world with all its wonderful layers and of course a cherry on top!

-          Phil

Katy Cupcake - Cake Bake Blitz Mobile Game


Katy Cupcake is all set for her grand adventure!

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