The Bubble Gum team today celebrated the launch of  Cake Bake Blitz for Tango on Apple iOS. Following the successful Google Play launch two weeks ago, the game is now available around the world.

Players can now challenge their friends to a mouthwatering bake-off, thanks to Tango integration.

In Cake Bake Blitz, players take on the role of Katy Cupcake, an ambitious young chef with great dreams who sets forth to travel the globe and compete to become the greatest dessert chef in the world!

Along the way, Katy will need to prove her skills against some of the most infamous chefs around including New York City’s Big Tony Tiramisu, Australia’s Dame Pavlova, Hong Kong’s Frankie Fortune and of course the grand master himself, Marcel Meringue in Paris!

Cake Bake Blitz is a fresh new twist on the match-3 puzzle genre, with surprise boosts and features sprinkled across some totally yummerific levels. Each stage brings its own unique challenges – and its own grand chef to do battle with! These chefs will use every trick in the cook book to try to spoil the game for the player! Luckily there are helpful tricks like time rewind and mouth-watering boosts such as Carlo’s Magic Cupcake, Gingersaurus Rex and the bombastic Cherry Bomb to help the player on their journey!

Cake Bake Blitz connects with Tango, allowing players to enjoy their adventures with friends! In addition to competing in weekly bake-offs for fame and prizes, players can also send each other gifts or cheeky taunts!

Cake Bake Blitz is free to play! Download it today from the AppStore

Katy Cupcake - Cake Bake Blitz Mobile Game


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