We’re working very hard at creating a fun gaming experience in Little Space Heroes, our upcoming virtual world for kids under 12. We’ve developed a story-driven gaming experience that we hope will provide many ways for kids to enjoy themselves. Some kids like creating and personalising their hero; others enjoy adopting and caring for pet Glows and kritterz. The socialites out there enjoy making new friends and chatting while the competitive kids gravitate towards intense Starjet races and other ways to prove how awesome they are. Some kids love the story and will spend their time completing quests and missions as they seek out the dastardly Lord Shadowbot. Whatever their preference, we’re doing our best to make sure the Little Space Heroes fun virtual world for kids delivers.

That said we know that a great experience is multi-faceted. While the story and gameplay are critical elements, we must also ensure that the entire Little Space Heroes experience is top notch. From the moment kids first discover our site through to their initial experiences in playing and their ongoing enjoyment of the game. There are many things to consider – making sure that registration and account creation is fast, secure and simple. Providing resources, support and answers to questions that kids and parents have. Making sure that our customer touch points are geared around delivering an outstanding experience is something we spend a lot of time on.

We are huge fans of companies that espouse outstanding customer service like Zappos. They not only ‘talk the talk’ but they ‘walk the walk’  by adapting their entire strategy and deliver around the customers needs and wants. This helps to keep customers happy and engaged. Given our customers include both kids and parents; it’s very important that we make our customer support accessible and responsive but also personal and fun.

We’ve partnered with Assistly, an industry leading provider of customer service and support automation tools. Assistly helps progressive companies provide consistent world-class service and support across multiple channels, in real time.

Using their services, we have created a Help Centre for Little Space Heroes that provides answers to frequently asked questions in clearly categorised ways. Customers can browse through questions, or they can type any question into our search box and see suitable answers – just like magic! When a customer can’t find the answer they’re looking for, they can contact us directly and one of our community moderators will respond promptly to provide assistance.  The Assistly platform enables ranking of articles so if we find that one of our answers is not clear or might be confusing people we can identify this and re-write it.

Assistly enables us to keep an eye on all queries we get from customers but also from mentions of us out there on the social web. As we grow bigger and more people starting discussing us online, Assistly will ensure that our community team is aware of these conversations. If we see any customers that need help, any fans discussing great ideas or any issue that needs addressing we can prioritise it and respond accordingly.

Additionally, Assistly’s reporting capabilities enable us to really understand how we’re performing in terms of supporting our customers. We can identify areas where we can improve and we can celebrate successes where our team has done a really great job.

The best thing about working with Assistly though is our shared philosophy of “Customer Wow”. With their experience, can-do attitude and fresh ideas, Assistly helps inspire our team to continually do what we can to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


Check out what Assistly has to say about Bubble Gum Interactive: http://www.assistly.com/blog/bubble-gum-interactive-takes-customer-service-cloud-milky/


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