On your marks, get set, GO! Our Space Heroes Universe fans can run, skip and leap into the fun of the latest party in game! The Galactic Sports party promises fun, action, adventure, and WINNING! Whether you’re a Mighty Zoomer, talented Space Kitten, rockin’ Moon Dog or impressive Aquanauts, there’s sure to be an activity that take you from zero to hero.

The first of its kind, the Galactic Sports Party gives every hero the chance to join their favourite Squad and receive an exclusive badge and jacket. Support your buddies or test your skills against them in a range of multiplayer games, testing your smarts in Galaxy Connect or bending it like Beckham at Battle Ball!

Players can join the fun by choosing a squad or playing as a neutral hero for their very own team. The Plaza, Bubble Blaster Park, Battle Ball and the Coast are decked out with banners, balloons, and everything a winner can dream of.

Players can also decorate their homepads with exclusive new sports equipment and purchase new costumes so they can look the part!

Ready, set, GO! Sportastic heroes can jump on over to www.spaceheroes.com and win!

Space Heroes Universe - Galactic Sports Party

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