The team at Bubble Gum Interactive LOVE creativity in all forms – whether it’s writing a story, drawing a comic, painting a picture or strumming out a song.

We know that kids love creative activities too and we’re excited to announce a whole bunch of cool new Little Space Heroes papercraft activities. All of these are FREE to download from our website at

Here’s what’s available:

  • Papercraft Heroes: Print out these craft sheets and you can create your own 3D Space Hero! There’s the Boy hero, Girl Hero and Alien Hero as well as some of our most famous heroes – Ace, Kira and Professor Q. These full-color designs just need to be cut out and fastened together with glue or tape. Print them on thicker paper to make them truly awesome!
  • Coloring Sheets: Four different designs featuring scenes from the game. Just print out and get coloring!
  • Hanging Mobiles: We’ve made a hanging mobile that’s truly out of this world! With the major planets from the Little Space Heroes galaxy as well as moons, shooting stars, heroes and starjets, you can create a mobile to hang in your bedroom!

  • Cut-out Masks: Just cut these out and attach with string. Voila! You’re a real-life Space Hero! Choose a Boy hero, Girl hero, Alien hero or our super-star pilot Kira!
  • Printout stickers: Create your own Little Space Heroes stickers! All you need is a sheet of sticker paper! Get printing and start sticking!
  • Desktop wallpapers: After all that creative fun if you just want to sit back and soak in some awesomeness you can download one of four computer desktop wallpaper designs!

Remember, all of these crafty activities are completely free! They feature lots of characters, creatures, planets and starjets from our free virtual world for kids. Get creative

If you create some cool colorings, awesome papercraft heroes or deck out your room with a galactic hanging mobile then we’d love to see it! Parents can send in pictures to us via our Help Page.

Have fun!

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