Players of our virtual world Space Heroes Universe! will get a kick from all the new features we’ve been rolling out. From exciting events to new social games and plenty more personalization for players, the new game updates have been a blast for our fans, new and old!

As with all our game updates, our goal is to make for a more fun, friendly and exciting experience. The content is designed to increase engagement with players and has resulted in longer play times across the board. With more opportunities for social interaction than ever, it’s no wonder we’re seeing an increase in sales and registrations.

In particular the Squad feature, allowing players to join one of four exclusive clubs, has created a sense of belonging in the community and helped strengthen player identity. From the Mighty Zoomers to the stylish Space Kittens, intrepid Moon Dogs to the galaxy-exploring Aquanauts, Space Heroes have enjoyed making new friends and teaming up. A roll-out of new multiplayer games and the ability to play these games anywhere has increased social interaction. Two of the more popular games are Battle Ball, an epic intergalactic take on soccer and the intensely fun Red vs. Blue Bubble Blaster Battles.

If there’s one thing Space Heroes is about, it’s fun, and we’ve rolled out three massive parties this year already from the underwater fun of the Deep Dive Party to the herotastic celebrations in our Galactic Fair. Heroes have enjoyed collecting their party pins, scoring free goodies and taking part in themed games and activities. We’ve got a massive line up of parties for 2013 including the annual Bubble Bunny party bouncing along soon. We’ve even added a treasure hunt feature, allowing players to explore the virtual world while being rewarded and interacting socially. Our continual positive reinforcement has increased our engagement with players.

With more opportunities for personalisation, social interaction, and fun, it’s no wonder we’re seeing huge growth in the game community. Ready for adventure? Blast off at

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