Here at Bubble Gum Interactive we like to keep it real, OLD SKOOL style. By that, we’re referring to ensuring that our game testing recognises that not everyone out there has the latest high-end ultra-powerful computer.

We’re creating Little Space Heroes as a virtual world for kids online everywhere. We want to deliver an experience that is safe and fun. Importantly, we have to make sure that the game works smoothly and reliably, no matter what sort of computer you’re using.

The challenge here is that the pace of technology is moving so quickly and there are many different environments that we have to take into account. We’re making the game work on PC and Mac – but PCs and Macs are continually evolving with new operating systems coming out regularly and other updates changing the way these computers work. Little Space Heroes also requires a web browser and with every passing month the market becomes more fragmented. People have a wide choice in browsers from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to name just a few. Each browser has its own way of doing things.

So how do we go about ensuring the game experience is optimal for all players? Through robust testing. As we get close to launching our Little Space Heroes beta we’re wrapping up on development and transitioning to serious testing. We have regular internal testing sessions to see how the game works from a playability and operational perspective.

We’re also aware of what our audience is looking for from free fun online kid games. These players won’t have high-end computers. A large proportion of our players will in fact be using rather old computers, anything up to ten years old. It’s neither fair, nor wise for us to ignore this fact and so we are working hard to optimise our game and make it as efficient as possible to ensure that even people playing on a truly old-skool computers.

This is the reason for our photo on this blog post. We recently ordered a bunch of second hand computers to playtest Little Space Heroes including a venerable old Dell Laptop with Windows 2000! It’s quite funny to see how much operating systems have evolved in the past ten years and how different they appear visually too.

Play testing on ancient machines to ensure it works for our players? That’s how we roll.

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