The pace of change in consumer technology is incredible. People have more options to consume content than ever before. It’s no longer the case that you have to go to the cinema to see a movie or play a video game on a console. Today, people can watch movies on a laptop, play games on a mobile phone and read books on a tablet. You can talk to your loved ones in a different hemisphere as if they’re in the same room, and learn from award-winning city universities without leaving a country town. Kids are naturally proactive and capable of trying out new technology and have become early adopters of these new ways of consuming content.

Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. Regardless of what platforms or technologies are being used however, the fact remains that there is an endless desire for compelling stories and experiences. Audiences still do and will always want entertainment built on strong, original, compelling stories and IP.

You can have the most amazing story of all time, but it’s not going to reach much of an audience if you are unable to communicate it effectively. Successful brands build powerful stories that audiences can relate to. In the context of gaming, players can place themselves in a story and their actions can craft and alter the experience. With social games played online with other players, the story becomes a collaborative, evolving narrative that provides literally endless opportunities for adventure.

Paul and the Bubble Gum Interactive Community Team as well as Phil Mason, CEO, attended the Vivid Gaming Showcase this week. The Vivid Sydney Festival is an annual showcase of light, music and ideas across a range of diverse industries. It’s all about discussing and imagining the future of technology and how best to integrate it into popular culture. Paul Gray was the leading speaker, discussing our perspectives on the state of the gaming industry in Australia. Paul shared insight into the technology, imagination, hard work and innovation involved in creating immersive gaming experiences for a young audience with dynamic and evolving minds in an ever changing landscape.   The event was attended by fellow independent game developers, film makers, investors, critical thinkers and digital innovators in the gaming and entertainment industries.

Little Space Heroes is already regarded as one of the best virtual worlds for kids under twelve, having already secured numerous awards, endorsements and accreditations and experiencing tremendous growth worldwide. We attribute part of this to our efforts to create a next general virtual world using technology advancements and a focus on outstanding user experience to make a game that is seamless, immersive and loads of fun.

But we’ve also crafted an original, unique story full of fun and adventure. In Little Space Heroes, kids create their own Space Hero and blast off for adventure as Space Hero Cadets. By playing the game, kids get to personalise their own Space Hero, learn how to use their Bubble Blaster, Jetpack and Starjet, make new friends, explore the galaxy, meet curious creatures and characters, complete daring quests and missions and unravel the secrets behind Lord Shadowbot and the missing Glows.

If you’re ready for adventure and want to see how kids from around the world are crafting their own tales of intergalactic discovery, check out






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