Our mobile game for iOS and Android, Jetpack Jinx, continues to score great reviews and commentary from the gaming industry. Launched in late 2009, GGSgamer.com provides views, news and reviews across all platforms and all genres and reaches thousands of readers every month.

Tony from GGS Gamer reviewed Jetpack Jinx and we’re thrilled to share that he really enjoyed the game and that it exceeded his expectations.

“As a game reviewer, playing Jetpack Jinx did the best possible thing a game can do. It made me stop playing for review purposes and playing for fun. This game is no chore. While I give every game an equal chance to win me over and play each quite a bit (whether I’m enjoying myself or not), rare is the game that makes me feel like I’ve just lucked into something I’m going to be keeping around looooooong after this review is done and published.”

“Jetpack Jinx is wonderful. The art is lovely, with charming, well-drawn characters and lush backgrounds. The power-ups are cute, funny and very helpful. There’s an adorable dragon, a rabbit in a hat that creates a temporary shower of jewels…a laser helmet.”

Check out Tony’s full review of Jetpack Jinx at GGS Gamer.


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