Virtual worlds games online Creative Writer Rebekah Lambert shares her views on why Girl Gamers Rock!

When I was a kid, I had a Rainbow Bright and countless ‘baby’ dolls in original packaging, not because I was a collector, but simply because they didn’t interest me. Instead, I was hovering around Dad’s computer playing games of ‘Barbarian’ or ‘Space Invaders’ and bugging him to borrow Uncle Merv’s Texas Instrument so I could play ‘Pong’ and ‘Hangman’. To this day I still love gaming, playing ‘the Sims’ and drumming on ‘Guitar Hero: Rock band’. I am a girl, I am a gamer, and this is something I am very proud of. If you are a girl gamer, or suspect you have one under your roof, you should be proud too. That’s because girl gamers put the awesome into awesome game play! And we’re so much better at it than boys!

Girls bring a special kind of magic to gaming. First of all, we get a kick out of sharing with other players, which makes the game play really fun, especially when playing in groups. Rather than looking for the next bit of “bash ‘em up”, girl gamers are the ones seeking out puzzles which help solve bigger mysteries in the game. No stranger to keeping things in order, girls are great at looking after our inventory and working out what is important in terms of the next level of game play. Oh, and we always have the best looking home pads because everyone knows girls are so much better at style than boys!

Whether it’s playing an intense, adventure fueled RPG, rocking away to a music game or just having fun on a rainy afternoon playing free fun online kid games, we girls sure can show the boys we’ve got what it takes.

A great way of putting your girl gamer powers to the test is with Little Space Heroes.  Here you can share, work in groups, solve puzzles and play mini games, follow the mystery of the disappearing Glows, make use of great things you collect along the way and create an awesome home for your Space Hero and Glow- all the things we totally rock at! Girls are also just as good (if not better!) at flying with our jetpacks and can teach any boys who under estimate us a valuable lesson by getting right in close with our bubble guns to score a direct hit!

So if you are a girl gamer and want to show off your super groovy skills or just looking for free fun online kids games, check out Little Space Heroes - and keep an eye out for me, AstroGirl. Rock on girl gamers!

Well, I think this one might ruffle some feathers! What do you think boys? Is Bek on the mark or this some crazy talk? Any girls want to weigh in too? Share your thoughts on the girls vs. boys debate.

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