Bubble Gum Interactive is a startup on a mission! As one of Australia’s fastest growing games studios we’re working very hard at creating an amazing new kids entertainment brand with Little Space Heroes.

Given our founding team’s passion for storytelling and our commitment to creating truly global family-friendly entertainment, we’ve been very proactive in collaborating with diverse partners throughout our journey.

In 2011 we secured the support of three separate Australian government initiatives, designed specifically to support innovative new businesses like Bubble Gum Interactive. These programs were:

Each of these programs is extremely competitive and applicants are assessed on a challenging set of criteria. It was an amazing result for us to have secured each funding grant and these provided capital that was critical in ensuring that Bubble Gum Interactive could realise its goals.

Thanks to these funding grants we have created nine full-time jobs at our Sydney studio and numerous engagements with contractors and freelancers within the Australian digital industry.

In addition to job creation and providing critical capital for Bubble Gum Interactive, these grants also provide a powerful endorsement of our potential to compete on the global stage. Each funding grant has its own focus, from supporting story-driven entertainment experiences, to building digital capability in Australia and the establishment of strong new companies.

Phil Mason, CEO and Executive Producer said “These funding grants have been instrumental in helping Bubble Gum Interactive get started on our journey. As we progress into 2012 with new mobile games and interactive cartoons we’re seeking additional funding support from these programs. Given the strength of our marketplace attachments, both here and overseas, we’re confident our applications will be successful and look forward to creating new jobs as we take Little Space Heroes in multiple platforms for kids and families worldwide.”

Bubble Gum Interactive feel these may be the last in a series of government grants for the company, given projected marketplace traction and profitability later in the year. The company is grateful for the support received and strongly recommends that fellow Australian startups pursue grant assistance.

Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer, Paul Gray said “Starting a business is always a challenging roller coaster ride with a great deal of effort required to raise capital and move ahead to achieve the company vision. It’s encouraging that there are so many avenues for Australian businesses to secure funding assistance from Government agencies. Not only does it provide much needed capital to kick-start the business, these programs also help companies focus and refine their strategies and provide invaluable endorsement and recognition in a fast-paced industry.”


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