The reviews are pouring in for Little Space Heroes and we’re thrilled to see how positive they are. Creating a virtual universe is no small task and we’ve got a dedicated team of passionate creative individuals who have literally been working their guts out to build the game.

Here’s a few recent reviews from a bunch of different games review sites and prominent bloggers in the gaming and parenting space. We want to say a big thanks for their comments and hope they enjoy exploring the galaxy of Little Space Heroes as it grows even bigger and better.

Game site and blogger reviews about Little Space Heroes

“When reviewing an online multiplayer game you really need to look at what sets it apart from the competition.  For Little Space Heroes the size and variety of the universe are its major selling points.  You really feel like you can explore and discover very different places.  Jump in your Star Jet and shoot to another planet.  The planets all have different looks, feels and games.   The whole concept of being a space hero in a vast universe is incredibly well done and will appeal to kids ages 5-12.” Dan Nessel, Daddoes

“Creating an engaging, social universe for children is no easy task, but Bubble Gum Interactive have provided one of the deepest, and family friendly experiences on the market. At the entry price of free, Little Space Heroes is the perfect way to ensure your children are experiencing the right kind of gameplay moments” Steve Heller, MMGN

“The game is rated E which means it is suitable for everyone so parents can be safe in the knowledge that their children will not come across anything not suitable for their viewing.  The game is crammed with safety features including trained game moderators, word filters, age-appropriate content and 24/7 customer support.” Sabina, Deep in Mummy Matters

“Playing in Little Space Heroes provides you with that child-like wonder reserved for Christmas Days and surprises and get-togethers with people you care about. The game has that ‘feel’ to it – about being somewhere that’s positive and magical. The vibrancy of the setting combines with the magic of a world crafted for younger minds to create an experience that is extremely memorable, and hard to replicate anywhere else. There are a lot of children’s games out there – but there aren’t many that adults can enjoy without feeling as though they are playing a children’s game. Little Space Heroes is a game you’ll enjoy playing – and a game you’ll remember playing for all the right reasons.” Save Game Online

“Both of my kids thoroughly enjoyed the game!  They loved the fun, colorful graphics and getting to create their own characters.  Both kids really liked learning how to use their jet packs so they could zip around through the galaxy.  Little Space Heroes kept them both entertained for an afternoon so that I could get some much needed rest!” Jennifer, The Not-So-Blog’s Experimental Mommy

“If you are looking for a game your parents won’t object to, then I recommend you drop what you are doing and head on over to the game page because you are missing out on a lot of fun. The game plays smoothly, the controls handle well with a mixture of mouse and keyboard and did I mention you get your own house? Don’t wait another second, Little Space Heroes is a free online game that any kid simply must try.” Daniel Owens, MMO Games

“Over the next hour on an early Saturday morning I found myself reading news on my iPad as she [my daughter] explored the world and I occasionally looked over and tried to explain something to her.  Sometime long after she did I realized she had a pet with her and had found how to do all kinds of actions that I hadn’t discovered.” Rogan, Daddy’s Dice!/2011/11/little-space-heros.html


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