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Phil and I went to E3 this year to see what’s new in the electronic entertainment industry for 2011. It was my first time to the event and wow, was it mind-blowing. It’s kind of like four or five Times Squares packed together indoors.


Everywhere you look there’s giant plasma screens with incredible game footage on display while music blares around you from speakers suspended from the ceiling. The attendees were drawn to the major displays by the likes of Activision, THQ, Nintendo but it was great to see how engaged everyone was with the smaller studios too. We were particularly impressed with the people from Indicade who support Independent Game artists, creators and designers. We had a great time chatting with them and other independent game developers and we’re going to submit Little Space Heroes for the 2011 Festival.

Another aspect that we loved – the exhibition from the Videogame History Museum. I spotted my first ever console – an Intellivision! It brought back happy early 1980s memories of me sitting there as a perky wide-eyed kid playing Astrosmash, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Frog Bog (yes, that was its name!) and Tron: Deadly Discs with my Dad.

Seeing this contrast of old games and new made me really recognise how criticial storytelling is for a game to be successful. The best games from my memories were not necessarily the most cutting edge or technically advanced – they were in fact those games that allowed me to make-believe that I was the protagonist, or to feel that I was part of, or witness to some incredible tale that was unfolding right before me.

We’re packed up now and ready to head back home, but our batteries are well and truly recharged. We had a lot of great conversations with press and media people too and will be reaching out to them once we’re back home to start sharing our story as we work hard to launch Little Space Heroes!


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