Jetpack Jinx blasts off for adventure in a new mobile game for Android

Sydney, Australia – 22 November 2012 – Award-winning independent games studio Bubble Gum Interactive has officially launched Jetpack Jinx, its first game for the Android platform. This maddeningly fun mobile game sees players step into the role of Jinx, a mischievous minion in the service of the dastardly Lord Shadowbot.

Jinx finds himself marooned on a mysterious planet, and players must help guide his way through an exotic and dangerous environment. The simple, intuitive tilt and swipe gameplay is perfect for gamers of all ages to explore and adventure through five fantastic stages.

“The tales of the mischievous Jinx as he jetpacks his way back to the ship and out of trouble are sure to resonate with gamers of all ages.” said Paul Gray, CMO Bubble Gum Interactive “The team has crafted the game using the easy-to-play, hard-to-master philosophy and we can’t wait to see what gamers around the world think of Jetpack Jinx.”

Along the way, players avoid obstacles including creatures and traps while collecting power gems to keep soaring skywards. Jinx’s natural luck means he’s able to scoop up special power ups too including Rocket Boosters, Magic Time, Super Sidekicks and Mega Mouth!

As players power through the game to achieve dizzying heights of success they’ll get to unlock special power moves. Via in-app purchasing, players can up the ante and buy extra coins for power moves and other upgrades. Continuing Bubble Gum’s commitment and reputation for delivering family-friendly products and services, Jetpack Jinx allows parents to determine whether to allow kids to use in-app purchases or to disable this functionality using a simple pin code locking feature built into the game.

“Almost as exciting as seeing Jinx come alive on mobile screens around the world, is the great work the team have done to create our mobile development framework and family friendly features. This will allow future games to be developed using a single codebase for Android, iOS and Windows devices, at speeds approaching the speed of light! ” said Phil Mason, CEO Bubble Gum Interactive.

Jetpack Jinx is available now for Android phones and tablets a free download from Google Play and is slated to launch on iOS pre-Christmas 2012.

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About Bubble Gum Interactive

Independent Entertainment Studio Bubble Gum Interactive is passionate about creating experiences that help kids discover every day. Its multi-award winning flagship virtual world “Space Heroes Universe!” has more than one million players from over 100 countries. Its first game for mobile, Jetpack Jinx has launched on Android and is coming to iOS pre-Christmas 2012. Discover more at


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