Swoooooooosh! What was that? It was our mobile game Jetpack Jinx for Tango, that’s just soared onto Google Play! The fast, fun and zany game has been jam packed full of epic new updates and has been integrated with Tango. Players can now challenge their friends to see who is the greatest Jetpack Jinx superstar.

The new updates are also available in the iOS version of Jetpack Jinx.

Here’s a breakdown of the magnificent new features players can enjoy

  • Weekly leaderboards: Challenge your friends to see who is the greatest Jetpack Jinx superstar and score bonus loot for winning!
  • Gifts: Share the love and send a gift to your friends once per day to get rewarded
  • Taunts: What’choo talkin’ bout? Send a sassy message to taunt your friends and score bonus fuel
  • Missions and Daily Deeds: Epic new challenges to enjoy each day will keep you coming back to Jinx (and winning too!)
  • Gamplay tweaks: Making it more fun to blast off and play with your friends!

Jetpack Jinx has an average review of 4.6/5 from the gaming community! Get Jetpack Jinx and soar skywards for fun!


Jetpack Jinx Tango | Free Mobile Game

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