Our first game for mobile, Jetpack Jinx, has already winged his way to great praise from gamers and reviewers around the world. With an aggregate score of 4.7 / 5, gamers have found Jinx to be a fun, fast-paced and zany experience – that’s FREE to play.

Now, Jetpack Jinx has been given a turbo-charge of a game update. Released on Android and Apple, the latest update includes:

New sidekicks

Jinx fans have told us how much they love Rex, the dragon sidekick that can be unlocked in the game. Now, three new pet kritterz have been added to the mix:

  • Yoonie the Unicorn
  • Swoop the bat
  • Zap the drone-bot

Gem Generator

Players have a huge range of choice of power ups in Jetpack Jinx, from Mega Mouth to Emergency Fuel Boosts and more. Now, players can purchase the Gem Generator and double their virtual dosh! This in-app purchase doubles all gems collected to give players a faster path to unlocking awesome goodies.

Ready for fun? Play Jetpack Jinx on Android or iOS.


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Swoop - a brand new sidekick in Jetpack Jinx




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