Educational technology news and research website Avatar Generation has recently featured award-winning virtual world Space Heroes Universe in a their monthly online magazine, Avatar Generation iPad Magazine. In a special issue focusing on popular culture in education, they noted Space Heroes surpasses key learning outcomes including social skill building, teamwork, financial literacy and language learning. More than that, Space Heroes empowers its young players and fosters curiosity and discovery via single-player and social multi-player games and activities.

Encompassing a range of social skill building tools, Space Heroes aims to nurture connections between players in a uniquely safe environment against the imaginative backdrop of outer space. Players can delve into a story-driven adventure, learning new skills and applying creative and cognitive thinking as they play alongside friends. With the new Squads feature, players are able to join their own social clubs and either compete against or with their buddies, battling it out in a range of games based on a range of skills.

Not only does Space Heroes aim to do this in a fun and creative way, but it also exceeds all safety and privacy standards in its field.

The Avatar Generation article focuses on the building and maintaining of the Space Heroes world through the MacICT program - a collaboration between the NSW DEC Northern Sydney Region and Macquarie University -  where budding young game developers are given the chance for their own input on the development of the game, giving creators valuable insight into how kids play and what they want.

The magazine is available from Apple’s newsstand, and the April 2013 edition can be purchased on iTunes.


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