Whether we call them “Moms” or “Mums”, these women play a key role in our lives. As carers to their children, mothers have a deep and significant interest in what their kids get up to.

With the vast range of entertainment opportunities available to kids these days, it can be tough for mothers to keep up with what their kids are interested in. With new toys and gadgets, different technologies and the rapid increase in social online environments it can be hard for some mothers to know what is suitable and what is not.

Bubble Gum Interactive continues to involve parents

Right from day one, Bubble Gum Interactive has made it an important part of our strategy to reach out to and engage with mothers (and dads too!). We recognise the insight that they have, often being able to articulate their kids interests better than the kids themselves.

We know that mothers want experiences for their kids that are fun, exciting and which inspire their children’s imaginations. We also know that mothers want to be certain that these experiences are safe and suitable in content and in how the child interacts with the experience and with other children. Importantly, we know that mothers are looking for experiences that represent good value for money.

We have spoken to many mothers – from those on our team to parents of our kid playtesters and other moms and mums that we have worked with along the way. We have shown them the game right from its earliest days to get their feedback, ideas, comments and suggestions. We are now very excited to be working with over 30 mothers who are right now playtesting Little Space Heroes with their children. All of these mothers will be writing up their thoughts and opinions in their own blog posts.

We have told them that we want open and honest feedback. If they have had any problems or difficulties we think it’s better to know and we’re happy to have these placed in a public forum. We want to show all parents just how committed we are to developing a game that is safe, fun and inclusive for all kids.

We of course are hoping that the mothers and their kids really enjoy the game and we can’t wait to hear what they liked most and what their kids have said.

This focus on involving parents adds to our efforts to create a gaming experience that is suitable, safe, fun and inclusive for all players. It adds to our efforts around content suitability such as securing the “E for Everyone” rating from the ESRB and our work at the moment on achieving optimal privacy and security certification.

Calling All Mothers!

If you’re a mother of kids aged 6 to 12 and are interested in playtesting Little Space Heroes and giving us your thoughts and feedback please email info@bubbleguminteractive.com and let us know. We’d love to hear from you!


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