We’re delighted to announce that Little Space Heroes has received a PEGI OK rating from the Pan European Game Information Organisation (PEGI).

The Pan European Game Information, PEGI, is a European video game rating system that ensures all entertainment content is clearly labeled by age according to its content. The age-based rating guides consumers in deciding whether a product is suitable for them. The PEGI OK Label is especially made for online games.

The PEGI OK label means that Little Space Heroes is suitable for anyone aged 3 and over. Less than half of the games reviewed by PEGI fit this label and Little Space Heroes is thrilled to be suitable for all ages.

The heroes behind Little Space Heroes are passionate about providing an entertaining and immersive game experience that is fun, safe and inclusive for all kids. Bubble Gum Interactive designed Little Space Heroes especially with content suitability and safety in mind.

We use advanced word filters which are continually updated, a team of in-house community moderators who make sure the focus is on fun, adventure, inclusive and safe interaction for all players.  Little Space Heroes is 100% advertising free and in addition to securing PEGI OK, the game is also rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and was recently awarded the Family Friendly Video Games.com Seal of Approval. Parents around the world are also giving us rave reviews too. We’re not resting on our laurels either – we’re continuing to work with leading safety and privacy organisations to secure further independent validation of the safety of our game.

Many of the Bubble Gum Interactive Team are parents themselves and understand the concerns parents have regarding the use of computer games. From the very beginning Little Space Heroes was created to be a safe and fun place that both kids and parents can enjoy. The team has worked very hard to create a fun and immersive experience and has always looked on the guidelines set out by PEGI, ESRB, other ratings organisations and parenting groups in designing Little Space Heroes.

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