We’re thrilled to announce that Little Space Heroes has received a rating of E for Everyone from the Entertainment Standards Ratings Board (ESRB).

An E for Everyone rating is an independent assessment that regards the content in the game being suitable for anyone aged 6 and over. The ESRB has a mission to empower consumers, especially parents, with the ability to make informed decisions about the computer and video games they choose for their families through the assignment of age and content ratings, and to hold the computer and video games industry accountable for responsible marketing practices.

The team at Bubble Gum Interactive is committed to delivering a safe and fun experience for kids and families. Little Space Heroes is an upcoming virtual universe – a social online gaming experience in which kids create their own hero and explore a universe full of fun and adventure.

Many of our team are parents ourselves so we understand the concerns parents have regarding their child’s use of computer games. Right from day one we have considered the suitability of content and have designed our game using guidelines from the ESRB and other ratings organisations as well as parenting groups. We have worked very hard to create an experience that is fun, engaging and enjoyable for kids but also made sure that parents feel comfortable allowing their children to play. There is no violence in the game nor is there any inappropriate subject matter or themes not suitable for children.

Securing the E for Everyone Rating helps to demonstrate our commitment. We are in fact taking our efforts further, working on securing other ratings agencies, privacy groups and we are inviting parenting organisations to experience Little Space Heroes to provide us with their feedback and ideally, their satisfaction that it is suitable for kids and families.


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