Exciting news! The team at Bubble Gum Interactive are pleased to announce that we’ve begun work on our very first games for mobile devices.

We have three game concepts, with the first being prototyped literally as I write this post! Tentatively titled Jetpack Explorer, the game sees the player take control of an intrepid Space Hero who travels through increasingly challenging levels in a mysterious subterranean cavern system.

Our brave space hero must search for lost Glows, the magical creatures that managed to escape from the dastardly Lord Shadowbot. The Glows are hidden throughout level-after-level of puzzling cave systems. Our hero can use a jetpack to travel through these caverns but it’s no easy mission. There are various obstacles to get past, traps and dead-ends to deal with, the ever present issue of a fuel canister (why can’t there by unlimited fuel in games!?!?) and of course having to get past Lord Shadowbot’s minions – the robot Nauts!

As you can tell, we’re extremely excited about our first foray together into the mobile gaming space, with the key team having previously worked on mobile and Nintendo DS titles in past lives. In creating the Little Space Heroes virtual universe, we’ve crafted a virtual world for kids under 12 that’s not only a safe, fun and inclusive online game for kids – it’s also a story driven experience filled with fun and adventure. We’ve sought to differentiate our games through investing in story – something we’re all passionate about. Little Space Heroes has all the makings of a classic space opera tale – brave heroes, maniacal villains, curious aliens, exotic planets, incredible starjets and a roller coaster ride of high-stakes adventure!

Thanks to our incredibly talented development team, we’ve been able to create what we think is a pretty awesome prototype game experience. We’re very excited about this new game – not only will it be a lot of fun to play, it will also provide a new way for our growing base of Little Space Heroes fans to enjoy the story, with some of our more excited fans having already written in asking for mobile games, toys and other Little Space Heroes merchandise and goodies!

We’ll be sharing more news about our mobile games… and some other exciting stuff very soon!


Our first mobile game prototype in development!


Ethan working on the game


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