Little Space Heroes has been named on of Australia’s 100 most innovative products or services, in one of the largest and most audacious innovation awards of its kind – the Anthill Magazine ‘Smart 100′ index.

We’re chuffed with this great news here at Bubble Gum HQ! It shows yet more independent recognition of the amazing game experience we’re creating for kids and families worldwide with Little Space Heroes. The kids entertainment market is massive and exhibiting rapid growth with over 250 million kids worldwide continually seeking compelling story-driven game and entertainment experiences. Little Space Heroes has already seen massive traction despite being in market only a few months with tens of thousands of kids from over 50 countries blasting off for adventure every day.

The Smart 100 Index was created by leading business media channel Anthill Magazine in 2008 to identify and rank Australia’s 100 most innovative products, proving to be one of the largest surveys of its kind in Australia.

You can help us by supporting Little Space Heroes in the Readers’ Choice Index. The voting process is extremely simple. Just head to our profile on Anthill’s website and take one or more of the following actions to vote:

  1. Tweet it: Top left of each page (3 points)
  2. Trigger a Reaction: Facebook ‘Like’, etc (2 points)
  3. Leave a Comment: Anonymous comments excluded (1 points)

Thanks Space Heroes!

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