Our friends over at Massively have already published an in-depth preview of Little Space Heroes and they’ve now podcasted an amazing detailed video preview of the game.

Watch it now at Massively TV

The reviewer, Karen is a mother, guild leader, writer, podcaster, and gamer. Karen writes the  MMO Family column which is devoted to common issues with families and gaming. Every other week, Karen looks at current trends and ways to balance family life and play. She also shares her impressions of MMO titles to highlight which ones are child-friendly and which ones offer great gaming experiences for young and old alike.

Highlights from the Massively preview

We’re thrilled that Karen enjoyed seeing how much work we’ve put into crafting an intricate story encapsulated in a massive game experience. The fact that players in game can fly into space in their Starjets and explore entire planets rather than just one small island or world really opens up the experience for kids to create their own grand advetnures and stories. With opportunities for kids to complete various quests and missions, engage in solo or team game play, make new friends and team up for intergalactic.

Karen spends almost an hour exploring the game, completing quests, rocking out at the Starstruck Theatre, blasting asteroids, exploring the galaxy and seeking out clues as to where the dastardly Lord Shadowbot has gone with the Glows.

She seemed to enjoy the art style, the vibrant colours, crazy creatures and quirky characters you meet along the way. And of course she loves flying around in her jetpack!

Karen also notes the multiple safety features we’ve built into Little Space Heroes. These include parent choice on safe chat or open chat, the advanced white and black list filters we have in place and of course our in-game moderator team. We’re rated E for Everyone and recently secured the FamilyFriendlyVideoGames.com Seal of Approval. We place a huge emphasis on making sure that Little Space Heroes is fun, safe and inclusive for all players and it’s great to hear Karen’s thoughts on this.

We’re really grateful for Karen’s in-depth preview of the game and hope you enjoy watching it.

If you like what you see, why not strap on your jetpack, fire up your starjet and blast off for adventure at http://www.littlespaceheroes.com

Thanks again Massively, you guys rock!


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