Getting feedback on free games for kids under 12

Today we held a game testing session, in which a group of children were invited to play-test Little Space Heroes. We had 47 children aged 7-10 take part in a number of sessions. We started off by asking what sort of free games for kids under 12 these kids played and what they looked for in gaming experiences.

The children then jumped onto their own computer and started playing Little Space Heroes with no instructions. This allowed us to see how they experienced the game with “fresh eyes”. We then gave them a brief story overview and a mission sheet with tasks for them to do. The children spent thirty minutes exploring, making friends, soaring about in their jetpacks, racing around in their Starjets, blasting asteroids, discovering new planets and more.

Quotes about our free games for kids under 12

We’re thrilled to say that the kids loved it and gave us great feedback, ideas and suggestions. Some quotes from the kids include:

“It’s really great! It has so many games to play!”

“It’s fantastic! You can fly around and get a jetpack and go into space and explore different planets!”

“This is fun. You can actually go to different planets and do more games.”

“I think it’s a fun game for me and my friends could play with me too!”

We’ve run many of these game testing sessions throughout the development of Little Space Heroes and we’ve received great feedback and comments from kids, parents and teachers. Given the huge range of choice out there of free games for kids under 12, it’s very important that we continue to engage with potential customers to help us refine and focus our product development to create the best possible gaming experience.


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