At Bubble Gum Interactive we’re always taking on board feedback from our fans and player community. We make it very easy for players to send us feedback as they’re playing the game and we respond to every piece of feedback we receive.

Recently we welcomed Oliver, a high school student into our office for a week for work experience. He brought with him energy, enthusiasm and great ideas. He told us what he felt worked well and what wasn’t so great and gave us some ideas to make Little Space Heroes even better.

Here is Oliver’s take on his amazing week with us at Sydney HQ:

What was your job?

My job placement was working with Bubble Gum Interactive. I worked on Little Space Heroes, a free virtual world for kids. I got to do lots different activities and jobs including development, marketing and moderation.

Did you enjoy work experience? Why?

I loved work experience because it gave me a good insight into what I am going to do when I am older and what game design was all about.

What did you learn about this type of work during the week?

I learnt about many things some of the most memorable include how a business works, what it takes to develop a game and how to moderate in a game.

What tasks did Bubble Gum Interactive ask you to do?

Bubble Gum asked me to try my hardest to break through their word filters. They have a lot of special systems that make the game safe for kids. I couldn’t really get anything sneaky through! I also helped the moderator team organise cool parties in the game and I did some work for the Space Heroes Facebook page. Probably the most fun thing was testing new game developments and working with the programmers on new games in development.

Did you get on well with those you worked with?

Yes, I got on very well with the staff at Bubble Gum. They were helpful and supportive and created a great work environment. It’s a fun place to work!

What was the best moment?

The best moment was when I got to test the newly developed games and have loads of fun on Little Space Heroes.

Would you like to pursue a career associated with your work experience?

Yes, I would because I have been interested in games and development for a long time and was interested to see how it all came together.

Would you recommend the employer to future Work Experience students?

I would recommend Bubble Gum because I thought it was a great experience and I learnt a lot.


It’s been our core belief to surround ourselves with smart people and part of that has been to find the right people to create our team. Our passionate, creative and enthusiastic employees may have helped inspire Oliver to dream big with a future career in game design. This very same team also helps to create a positive, inspirational, stimulating and fun environment for all players in Little Space Heroes.

If you’ve not played the game yet, check it out! It’s free to play at


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