Little Space Heroes has revamped the Culture & Conduct Charter to make it even more accessible for young heroes. The values are the same but we’ve made it easier for our players to understand and get involved with online safety and good behaviour.

Our new Space Hero Code reflects our continual focus to make our galaxy safe, fun and inclusive for everyone. We believe that gaming experiences can be positive experiences. Bubble Gum Interactive has always taken a proactive focus when it comes to making sure Little Space Heroes is secure and exciting for everyone. Right from our earliest days we involved kids, parents and teachers in the design of Little Space Heroes.

We know that parents want their kids to play in safe, positive and inclusive environments, and that kids want to have fun. We also know that kids like to test boundaries – it’s a natural part of growing up.

We’ve worked very hard to build in multiple safety features, tools and have a team of specialist in-house moderators to ensure the game is always safe and suitable. We’ve listened to players and parents to understand more of their thoughts and ideas on how best to encourage good behaviour in virtual worlds for kids. We think that empowering kids to learn how to be true heroes through positive behaviour can make the game experience that much better for everyone.

Our new Hero Code has been distilled into two main focal points: player safety and player behaviour. The new Code reflects our commitment to adventure and enthusiastic behaviour, focusing on bravery, loyalty, and helpfulness, as well as adventure and courage, honesty and a lack of cheating.

Little Space Heroes is all about cultivating creativity and fun through a culture of respect and acceptance. As always safety is our foremost concern and we’ve encouraged our young heroes to never share their personal information and to help stop others from doing so. After all, a true hero never reveals their true identity!

We also use the Hero Code to point out what behaviour is not cool – that is, actions that can have a negative effect on others. Just like in the real world, kids sometimes need to be reminded on how to play fair, take turns, treat others with respect, never bully or be mean to others and to work together to have fun. We hope that this helps to reinforce real-life skills they’re learning at home and at school.

We really enjoy seeing our players when they’re upholding the principles of the Space Hero Code. They might be helping a new player start out, working collaboratively on quests, taking turns in awesome minigames and exploring the galaxy together. It’s a massive universe for our intrepid Space Heroes to discover together. We hope that the Space Hero Code helps make the experience even more fun and awesome for all our players!


The Space Hero Code

A great hero is all of the following:

  • A peace keeper and friend to all, always ready to help others!
  • Never forgets it’s our differences that make us fantastic.
  • Is adventurous, courageous and stands up to bullies like Lord Shadowbot
  • A great hero is honest, plays fair and always does the right thing.
  • A great hero respects the universe and would never try to steal or cheat.
  • And, like all super heroes, a great hero never reveals their true identity!

Parents – you can learn more about the Space Hero Code, our Safety features and more at our Parents page.



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