Party people put your hands up! We all know how much fun kids have at parties. Dressing up, dancing to music, playing games, making new friends and getting cool stuff like balloons and other goodies.

As a virtual playground, we’ve started hosting parties in Little Space Heroes. These events are a great way for kids to socialise and make new friends in a safe online environment. And they’re amazing fun!

Little Space Heroes takes virtual world parties to the next level. Not only are locations and scenes decorated for special occasions, players also get rewarded with cool in-game goodies like balloons. Members like to dress up in special costumes and bring their pet Kritterz along to play too.

We’ve been working with VIP party people – very well known players of virtual worlds who have been hosting parties in Little Space Heroes. One such celebrity party-person is Chris Dog who is hosting a series of parties in the game throughout March and April. Chris has a massive following and his fans have been strapping on their jetpacks and blasting off for adventure – and awesome parties – in Little Space Heroes. At his parties Chris Dog plays games like hide and seek, quizzes and gives out prizes to players like exclusive party jackets and pet Kritterz.

The Little Space Heroes community loves these parties as the screenshots and video below illustrate. Not only do they enjoy meeting Chris Dog and the goodies in game, they also get to make lots of new friends. The parties go on for a long time and everyone has a blast. Word of the parties has spread through fan sites and blogs and this is introducing many new players to Little Space Heroes.

We’ll be hosting many more parties and events in Little Space Heroes. If you’re ready to put on your best party gear and rock out in game head to



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