As a virtual universe for kids, Little Space Heroes is always being updated with new content and fun games and activities for kids to play end enjoy.

Our most recent game update introduced player homes to Little Space Heroes. Now every space hero can have their very own house to call home-sweet-home.

After a wild day exploring the galaxy, rescuing lost Glows, completing quests and finding gems, Space Heroes can head back home to chill out and kick-back. Or, they can invite their hero friends round for a space hero party that’s out of this world!

Every hero gets their own home and premium members can be their very own interior designers and customize their homes with all the latest in home furnishings. Funky couches, fish tanks, wall hangings, lava lanterns, create that space you have always wanted. If you love shifting things around or changing the theme you will love the storage unit function. New décor is added to the game regularly and we’ve got some festive fun stuff coming just in time for the holidays.

Giving heroes their own home provides kids with an opportunity to express themselves. They can see their creations and designs become visible. As we add more content to the game, kids will be able to create truly unique homes around many different themes. We’re looking forward to seeing their designs!

This is on top of an already massive game that is getting rave reviews from kids and parents around the world.

Create your own space hero and start exploring the galaxy in this amazing free virtual world for kids under 12 at


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