We are committed to creating a safe and fun online experience for kids and families. In designing the Little Space Heroes virtual world for kids under 12 the team at Bubble Gum Interactive looked at a industry best practice safety features to make our game a safe and fun place for kids to explore and play with their friends.  Some of the features include live in game moderation and player support, user account rules and filters that ensure kids identities are kept anonymous, tools allowing players to ignore other players in the world, filters that scan for and red flag inappropriate behaviour, and various levels of chat filters. Combined with our policy of being 100% free of third party advertising, these features provide for a walled garden environment with moderation and help if kids ever need an adult to intervene in the social space that is the virtual world.

One import component in the safety tool mix chat options and filters. The little space Heroes virtual world for kids under 12 has several chat options that parents can choose from: “safe menu chat” or “dynamic filtered chat”.

Safe Menu Chat

Especially good for younger players, kids communicate using a menu of pre-canned greetings, expressions, and phrases that cover a range of social and gaming situations and topics. Safe chat is designed to be easy to use and is broad enough to allow for detailed conversations. Players with Safe Chat can neither use, nor see Open chat messages of other players. We’ve also funned it up with comments and phrases that fit the intergalactic theme of Little Space Heroes.

Dynamic Filtered Chat

For older kids, dynamic filtered chat is a great option that allows them to chat freely with their friends and other players. To ensure the chat is appropriate and safe we use two advanced filtering methods:

Black Filters

Black filters are banned words and numbers that cannot be used in chat. These include for example obscenities, drug and sexual references, address references, and numbers.  So if any kids try and share contact information, or use obscenities, these messages will be filtered out and not allowed to appear in the world.  Moreover failed attempts at certain types of filtered communication are red flagged and manually checked by our moderator team in more detail to ensure safety.

White Filters

White filters are a list of words and phrase combinations that kids are allowed to use when chatting. There are a massive amount of suitable words available that allow kids to have conversations with peers in game. If a word is not included in the list, then it is filtered and not allowed to appear in the world. This prevents ‘creative’ attempts to use profanity – slight variations in spelling on a curse word for example cannot be used in game.

The white filter word list is continually reviewed and new words and expressions added, for example common new slang words kids are using like “ROFL” or “wazzup?”

Working in combination, black and white filters help to create a safe chat environment for kids. In addition to the filters live moderators monitor and investigate any red flag behaviour.


Learn more about our commitment to safety.


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