The entire Bubble Gum team were thrilled today as we read the most recent review of Little Space Heroes, this time from leading games website Save Game.

Tash from Save Game played Little Space Heroes over a few weeks and wrote up a comprehensive review.

“For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, Little Space Heroes is a social online gaming experience for kids which lets them create and customize their own character, traversing a vibrant and unique universe to solve mysteries, participate in quests, play minigames and more.”

Tash clearly had some amazing adventures in Little Space Heroes as she created her own hero, explored the vibrant home planet and then flew in her Starjet to explore other planets and places in the game. Unlike other free virtual worlds for kids, Little Space Heroes is a virtual universe – we have numerous planets to explore, each of which have their own theme and visual appearance and offer detailed quests, characters, creatures and areas to discover. Tash highlighted how much effort the team at Bubble Gum have put into storytelling. We were thrilled to see her comment below:

“Another thing you’ll notice about the game is how vibrant and alive and welcoming it feels. Playing in its world provides you with that child-like wonder reserved for Christmas Days and surprises and get-togethers with people you care about. The game has that ‘feel’ to it – about being somewhere that’s positive and magical. The vibrancy of the setting combines with the magic of a world crafted for younger minds to create an experience that is extremely memorable, and hard to replicate anywhere else. There are a lot of children’s games out there – but there aren’t many that adults can enjoy without feeling as though they are playing a children’s game. Little Space Heroes is a game you’ll enjoy playing – and a game you’ll remember playing for all the right reasons.”

We’re glad that Tash enjoyed the scope of the game as well as the finer touches – we’ve invested a lot in humor and are obsessive about getting the small things done right. As a fun online game for kids, Little Space Heroes will always evolve with new content and features.

Little Space Heroes is a joy to play. From the world you find yourself immersed in, to the environments, the quest design, gameplay and that feeling of wonder it creates – Little Space Heroes is well worth your time. It’s fun. It’s witty. It’s fantastically designed. It provides everything you’d want in a children’s game, and it provides these things in an environment that is safe and well-moderated. I have no hesitation in recommending that everyone – regardless of age – play this game. It’s free-to-play and requires only a PC and a working internet connection.

With the game only just out of beta and with many more characters, creatures, quests, games and adventures rolling in over the next few months we hope that Tash and the Save Game team would enjoy Little Space Heroes even more. Why not try it out for yourself – it’s free to play at

Tash also interviewed Paul, our Community Director to learn more about the inspiration behind Little Space Heroes, our approach to game development.

Read the full Save Game review

Save Game has a fresh approach to reporting games news and they cater to both passionate gamers as well as those who have a more casual interest in games. Save Game regularly publishes reviews, features and analysis on many trends in gaming and its diverse team ensures there’s always lots of great insights to gain from reading it. Check out Save Game online at

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