A dangerous force has come to our galaxy. A dastardly villain with a mission – to steal all the light in the universe! Luckily for us, the Space Heroes are here to defend against this intergalactic bad guy!

This week, Bubble Gum Interactive began production on the first episode of our animated cartoon series. Filled with daring adventures, brave heroes, epic space battles and much maniacal laughter, we’re sure the toons will be a smash hit with our rapidly growing global fanbase.

Episode 1 finds out heroes having fun in their starjets when a distress call interrupts them. The dastardly Lord Shadowbot is once again up to his old tricks and Professor Q, Ace, Kira and friends soar off to save the day. Shadowbot is once again up to another nefarious scheme and our heroes must battle it out and use their wits and their skills to try to stop him.

“What sets us apart from other kids virtual worlds is our original story – a space opera with a comedy twist that’s really resonating with our fans.” Said Phil Mason, CEO Bubble Gum Interactive “Our trailer video’s racked up more than 350,000 views on YouTube and we can’t wait to share the first episode with our fans.”

The Space Heroes toon trailer was showcased at the MIPCOM MIPJunior Festival in Cannes and received great kudos from industry leaders. The first episode is slated for release pre-Christmas 2012 and will be made available for viewing on mobiles, tablets and any web connected device.


Space Heroes Toons - Shadowbot and Nyxx

Space Heroes Toons - Naut Attack!

Space Heroes Toons - Kira to the rescue



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