As you no doubt know by now, the team at Bubble Gum Interactive LOVE storytelling. Tales of epic adventure, intergalactic fun, daring missions and having amazing fun with friends make for perfect stories.

We’re putting the finishing touches to the second episode of our Space Heroes Universe cartoon. Entitled ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, this episode will see our intrepid Space Heroes face their biggest challenge yet… literally! The dastardly space pirate Lord Shadowbot has set his sights on the blingtastic energy crystals buried beneath the surface of a tranquil planet. It’s up to Ace, Kira and their friends Krill n’ Zed to try to foil his plans! The animated short episode will be launching soon on our official Space Heroes YouTube Channel and be made available for download to mobile devices.

The team can’t wait to share the episode with our Space Heroes fans who have been revving their starjet engines and waiting in anticipation to see the fun!

Here’s a few images from the episode (Click the thumbnails to enlarge)

Space Heroes Universe - Cartoon Episode 2  - Searching the Planet

Space Heroes Universe - Cartoon Episode 2  - Krill n Zed

Space Heroes Universe - Cartoon Episode 2  - Shadowbots Mega Miner

Space Heroes Universe - Cartoon Episode 2  - Battle


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