Last year Space Heroes Universe was named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®, earning a prestigious silver award. Their philosophy is to reward big-thinkers, designers and social media experts who aim to help families grow emotionally. They were so impressed by Space Heroes Universe they interviewed Bubble Gum Interactive for their magazine, Entro.

The Spotlight article in Entro highlights the vital role games play in giving kids a suitable avenue to pursue their ambitions and personalitiesThey were particularly interested in Space Heroes Universe providing an open canvas for young players to create their own adventures, as well as going on guided missions and quests.

We all know that kids enjoy technology and have great fun playing video games. But it’s important that any family leisure activity provides fun in ways that help kindle kids’ imaginations. Virtual worlds, like Mom’s Choice winner Space Heroes Universe help families to play together and enjoy whimsical, story-based fun and adventure.  It provides an open canvas for kids to blend ideas and stories, role play scenes and imitate brave characters and create their own tales for family and friends.

This focus has allowed the team to craft an original, unique story full of fun and adventure. In Space Heroes Universe, kids create their own Space Hero and blast off for adventure as Space Hero Cadets. By playing the game, kids get to personalise their own Space Hero, learn how to use their Bubble Blaster, Jetpack and Starjet, make new friends, explore the galaxy, meet curious creatures and characters, complete daring quests and missions and unravel the secrets behind Lord Shadowbot and the missing Glows.

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Ace from Space Heroes Universe

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