SUPER SECRET AGENT PARTY! Our Space Heroes fans around the world can set their phasers to FUN!

Lord Shadowbot is coming. Those beeps that heroes have heard on the homeworld are crashed naut ships. Is it an invasion? No one knows. Heroes need you to fire up their starjets, look up to the sky, and blast those pesky nauts!

Space Heroes Universe’s first ever Secret Agent Party gives every hero the chance to play either the good or bad hero, much like the Heroes vs Villains Party. But this is also the first chance heroes get of putting on their detective hats and solving clues. Players can test their skills in a range of multiplayer games and discover the mystery of the nauts!

Players can join the fun by creating a hero and following the clues left behind in the treasure hunt. All players receive an exclusive Secret Agent badge, and can investigate the Homeworld with its shadowy figures, smoky corners and naut ships. There are new quests to complete as heroes have to search for slime bombs scattered by that most shadowy of villains and his minion armies! Heroes with a need for speed can cruise space with all the new, fully specced X5 Starjet and a range of cool costumes with a ton of gadgets that will take them from hero to spy in 007 seconds!

Do you have what it takes to hunt for clues? Play now on and discover the secrets of the universe!

X5 Starjet Small

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