Jetpack Jinx has been receiving excellent reviews from players and critics around the world and we’re super-excited with the latest review. The game has been named “The perfect climbing game. period” by the who say:

“Over the years, we’ve had more than enough opportunity to play a few climbing games here and there. You know the sort: You start at the bottom of a level, and then by tilting your device and either jumping or shooting, you continuously reach for the heavens. However, we have yet to see an arcade app within the genre quite as smooth or quite as fun as Jetpack Jinx by developer Bubblegum Interactive. It’s the absolute best combination of unique elements, fantastic graphics and simple controls we have yet to see in the field. And for our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break!”

This is probably the best review we’ve seen yet for Jetpack Jinx. While the game has only just launched, it’s already secured a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on the AppStore – there’s not a single rating less than 5. It’s great to see such positive feedback from both gamers and reviewers.

Check out their video review below, and if you’ve not yet played Jetpack Jinx give it a try!



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