In creating the soon to be launched Little Space Heroes virtual world, a key aim is to inspire kids to play with their friends on the computer, for them to have fun and to use their imaginations!

The team at Bubble Gum interactive, many of whom are parents ourselves, are mindful of the importance of balance in regards to kid’s consumption of entertainment and playtime. Although playing on the computer is great fun and there are many great examples of virtual world games for kids, more than an hour or so a day is probably time better spent doing other activities not reliant on a computer.

There is no doubt that computers are great forms of entertainment and are becoming a popular social and educational platform too, giving kids the opportunity to engage in positive content and interactive experiences while learning both hard and soft skills. It is however just as important to spend time with family doing fun activities, get outdoors and engage in physical activity and sports, and make time for arts, crafts and other activities.

So with this in mind, and for kids and parents who really love the story and characters in our virtual world games for kids, we’ve created a bunch of free Little Space Heroes craft activities kids can download and spend time on with their parents. We love crafting and how simple, easy-to-use and free craft activities can help kids use their imaginations and their creativity.

Just visit the “Free Stuff” page on the Little Space Heroes website to check out some awesome activities for kids. Having a space themed birthday party? Or just want to play with your friends? Print the fun paper masks for creative play, featuring Kira and the three space heroes.  There are also awesome space heroes colouring sheets and fun bookmarks to print and complete. Kids can use paints or pencils to colour their favourite pictures of the Little Space Hero gang on their adventures in the home world.

Coming soon the Little Space Heroes creative team plan to add more paper craft including printable scenes from the home world and planets, girl, alien and boy paper starjets – just like paper airplanes! There will also be even more paper craft characters that kids can use with the printable scenes for imaginative play and storytelling, or just to decorate their rooms!

There will also be printable mobiles of the Little Space Heroes galaxy for kids to hang in their bedrooms so stay tuned for more great offline activities and fun stuff to do with parents!

We’ve love to see what crafting activities kids enjoy and we invite parents to send in these creative masterpieces for us to showcase here and on our Little Space Heroes facebook page and Flickr page.

Happy crafting!

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