One of the best things about producing the Little Space Heroes virtual world games online was revisiting classic arcade games and giving them the love needed to meet the demands of today’s kid gamers – new takes on their classic gameplay dynamics, new artwork and features like multiplayer game play for classics like Asteroids and Lunar Lander.

The beauty of classic arcade games is they have such great gameplay by keeping it simple but highly designed-tweaked, making the controls easy and allowing for short bursts of excitement and achievement.  In keeping with the Bubble Gum Interactive team’s vision for a “fun to touch” gaming experience we drew a lot of influences from classic arcade games.  Of course we also looked to all kinds of games including consoles, Nintendo especially.  Many of today’s most popular mobiles games have done exactly the same, taking inspiration from classic arcade’s fun factor.

Little Space Heroes is a giant galactic adventure for kids, and lucky for us, there was a huge science fiction influence on the classic arcade games, for example Space Invaders (1978), Galaxian (1979) and Asteroids (1979), Atari’s bestselling game of all time.  Other notable classics from the golden age of video games include Lunar Lander (1979), Moon Patrol (1982), Time Pilot (1982) and Gyrus (1983).

And sure enough one of our showcase virtual world games online in the Little Space Heroes is a re-visioned multi player game player version of Asteroids, where kids team up and fly through a wormhole to stop asteroids from coming through into the hero’s home galaxy. It’s a fun-filled experience as kids fly their Starjets about blasting asteroids with their ships bubble blasters while avoiding the odd space meanie and trying to avoid colliding with the space rocks.

Given the classic foundations and retro arcade feel of some of the Little Space Heroes games, we are also hoping that parents will enjoy Little Space Heroes too. The moms and dads of kids today all grew up with retro video games to varying extents. They might find a nostalgic sense of fun and excitement to play games similar to those they played as children, but this time with their own kids, as they give them a helping hand and maybe teach them a few tricks from the old days!

We hope that kids and parents have loads of fun with Little Space Heroes! Come check it out and sign up for adventure that’s fun for the whole family. Secure your spot in the beta now!


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