The use of insights

Our Director of Marketing, Paul Gray, spoke this weekend at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in Melbourne. Freeplay is Australia’s longest running independent games festival exploring the intersection of indie development, culture, arts and education. In an interactive workshop, Paul shared some thoughts about why insights can help game developers make better games and some … Continue Reading


Game testing tips: use old machines to test free fun online kid games

Here at Bubble Gum Interactive we like to keep it real, OLD SKOOL style. By that, we’re referring to ensuring that our game testing recognises that not everyone out there has the latest high-end ultra-powerful computer. We’re creating Little Space Heroes as a virtual world for kids online everywhere. We want to deliver an experience … Continue Reading

Indie Games Developer Pitching

Pitch deck for indie games developers


Securing funding for any new venture is a major task. Investors are always on the lookout for great ideas with huge potential but they’re very savvy and any startup will need to ensure they have a clear and compelling message. The team at Bubble Gum Interactive has racked up a lot of experience in the … Continue Reading

Bubble Gum Interactive secures government funding

BGI secures government grant support for Little Space Heroes virtual world for kids


Developing a Fun Virtual World for Kids Developing a fun virtual world for kids online is a significant project. Ensuring we produce and deliver something that is both fun and safe, while also being robust and scalable to meet the needs of our players and fans requires the hard work of many talented individuals. Bubble … Continue Reading

Little Space Heroes and IGDA Sydney

Showcasing online virtual worlds for kids at the IGDA Sydney Indie Show & Tell


A Presentation of our Upcoming Online Virtual World for Kids The team from Bubble Gum Interactive was proud to have taken part in the Independent Games Developer Association Sydney Indie Developer Show & Tell. The event was held on Tuesday 26th July at the Bank Hotel in Newtown, a suitably funky venue. There must have been … Continue Reading

Little Space Heroes - Sparky's

Developing free fun online kid games – 5 considerations to maximise playability


Key Considerations in Developing Free Fun Online Kid Games Little Space Heroes Development Team Lead (Client Side) Anthony Tambrin shares the key considerations in developing free fun online kid games and virtual world games for kids. 1. Let the players have fun The most important thing is to always focus creating an game that lets  players … Continue Reading

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